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The Director

July Director’s Message

Dear Friends,

Summer is upon us, and the exhibitions at the Wadsworth Atheneum are a fun place to beat the heat. Hand-Painted Pop! Art and Appropriation, 1961 to Now—built around two exceptional loans from the Museum of Modern Art—celebrates the origins and legacy of a quintessentially American moment, while Simply Splendid: Rediscovering American Design continues to delight visitors as they explore visual and artistic trends throughout the history of American art. John Trumbull: Visualizing American Independence is particularly apt to visit in July as we commemorate the birth of our nation—and it is the inspiration for today’s Second Saturdays for Families: Independence!

Opening July 22 is Museum Menagerie, an exhibition of objects spanning more than two centuries offering a portrait of animals wild and tame, familiar and exotic, peaceful and ferocious. Come by and visit! These shows lead up to the September openings of Sublime North: Romantic Painters Discover Norway, a rare look into 19th century landscapes, and Morgan: Mind of the Collector, the first major exhibition about the outstanding and eclectic collections of Hartford-born capitalist J. Pierpont Morgan.

Speaking of fall, there is big news to share! The Wadsworth Atheneum’s Splendor Gala, a black tie celebration held in support of the museum, will return to its galleries for the 10th anniversary event on October 21.

In closing, a word of thanks. The Atheneum received great financial support this year, particularly in response to our annual fund. Your participation in this critical effort enables the museum to create such a variety of events, exhibitions, and programs. On behalf of the Wadsworth Atheneum, our staff, and the communities we serve, I offer my most sincere gratitude to all who made special year-end gifts. Your commitment to supporting this institution helps it thrive, reach new audiences, and confidently plan for the future. Thank you.



Thomas J. Loughman
Director and CEO