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March Director’s Message

Dear Friends,

When I last wrote, I encouraged you to visit Utamaro and the Lure of Japan, a celebration of the museum’s enticing yet rarely exhibited holdings of Japanese art. And visit you did! We were thrilled to welcome thousands of friends and neighbors to share the exhibition and enjoy its related tours, gallery talks, and programs. These are the final weeks for Utamaro, which closes March 26. If you have not yet wandered these captivating galleries, I hope you will.

Continue your discovery of Japanese artistry downstairs in the Morgan Great Hall, where a new installation explores Japonisme through an in-depth look at the Vase de l’Adour. Crafted in 1917 at the State Manufactory in Sèvres just outside Paris, this remarkable stoneware vase is decorated with whimsical frogs jumping from willow branches into rippling water. Complemented by a selection of Japanese and French porcelain and ukiyo-e prints of fish, the Vase de l’Adour is a stunning example of Japanese influence in France, and throughout Europe, during its time.

My final thoughts for you this month are closer to home–in fact, right here in Hartford. This week the CEOs of three foundational Hartford businesses pledged significant support to our city, citing the Wadsworth Atheneum as one of its enduring core strengths. This good news comes as our own efforts to embrace our neighbors are growing. To date we have registered more than 1,400 participants in the Wadsworth Welcome program, which offers free admission to Hartford residents. Our doors are open–I hope to see you at the museum soon.


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Thomas J. Loughman
Director and CEO